Very cute Chubby

What's the catch?

Chubby Pops is a NFT collection of 10000 unique and plump chicks (・θ・)

Mint for 40 MATIC

The Story ( T θ T )sparks

The bird's nest was washed away by the big wave. All unhatched chicks were lost in the open sea. Help the cute chubby bird find all the eggs,save the babies! T___T The chubby bird will never forget it!






    Every chick is cool and chubby! Remember it!


    • Our mission

      We want to raise funds to support environment using NFT-Art and modern technologies. We hope you will like it!

    • Why Polygon?

      We do not have time for gas wars that will distract us from our main goal - to make the world a better place! That is why we have chosen the Polygon network and we hope that you will not remain indifferent.

    • How support donations would work??

      Through The Giving Block, we will arrange for donations to be transferred to community-selected foundations.

    • When does minting begin?

      Minting will start at 24 December 2021

    • How many Chubby Pops will be minted?

      There are 10k (ten thousand) birdies to be minted

    • How much do they cost to mint?

      Chubby Pops will only cost a flat 40 Matic + gas fee

    • Is there a limit on how many Chubby Pops I can mint?

      There’s a limit of 10 Chubby Pops per transaction, but no limit for tokens you can own

    Chubby team